Top Quality Ingredients, Always:

At Heirloom the quality of the food we serve defines who we are.  Our fruits and veggies are 100% grown using organic practices.*  We source local as much as possible working directly with local growers.  Most of Heirloom's other ingredients are organic as well. In fact, on any given day Heirloom ingredients are 85% to 90% organic.

Things you'll never find at Heirloom include GMOs, preservatives, hydrogenated oils or artificial anything.  We work hard to provide the most wholesome food possible.


Support for Local Producers:

When you arrive at Heirloom one of the first things you'll see is our "Locals on Board" chalk board which lists the many local farmers, artisans and other producers we support at Heirloom.  By buying local we have confidence in our products, support the local and regional economy and reduce the environmental impact of production and distribution.  When you eat at Heirloom you're not only supporting a local cafe, but local farmers and artisans as well.


At Heirloom all of our recipes begin vegan.  That means, with the exception of two items (tuna wrap and turkey sandi), everything at Heirloom can be ordered vegan.  All of our soups, baked goods and prepared foods are always made vegan.



Everything on the Heirloom menu can be ordered gluten-free.  We offer daily gluten-free vegan baked goods. Our sandwiches can be served on gluten-free vegan bread and rolls, and our soups and base recipes are always gluten-free.

*Please note that Heirloom does source from one local farm that is not certified organic but uses organic practices - no pesticides and no synthetic fertilizers.  The other farms Heirloom uses are certified organic.